Our services

Just to clarify roof liner falls under auto trimming.

I offer a fast friendly service providing at home or office convenience for you.

No losing your ride for a day or so, the best part, you can drive your car immediately after my repair.

How does it work?

Well your roof liner is made up is made up of three parts.

Firstly the mould then the foam backing and lastly the face fabric, the bit that’s hanging off.

So what I need to do is remove your roof liner from the car which entails removing all fasteners visors, clips, courtesy lights…… you get it.

Being very mindful of wiring and airbags, that’s really important.

When the liners out I strip back the old foam and material and recover with new foam and matching material, next best thing to a brand new one, just a heck of a lot cheaper.

All work comes with 5yr warranty.

Once done, you’re good to go, straight away. Nice.